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VFW Riders of Delaware

Our Purpose

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Organization Purpose

The purpose of this organization is to provide commiunity service, promote veteran programs, and represent the VFW.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide veterans and auxillary members that enjoy motorcycling another benefit that the VFW provides.
Poem written by Keith Bower
after a PGR mission we were on recently.

From the Eyes of a Civilian


I saw a brave man the other day

Baseball or sports he will never play

With fingers gone from a booby trap

This fine young man has served in Iraq

Veterans came from near and far

Most on bikes, some in cars

With choppers in the air and bikes on the ground

There were police escorts all around

They showed their support for our final destination

To Honor an American who served our Great Nation

Taking care of veterans is what veterans do

It does not matter how far or who

With his pants legs below tied tight

He lost both legs, to me a sad sight

Upright, tall and proud he sat on his car

Amazed to see so many come so far

His hometown came to cheer and shout

To honor this soldier is what it's about

The red, white and blue were everywhere

Waiting for their hero to show they care

The tears I shed for this young man

Will stay with me forever, Amen